Sixteen, and hardly living it.
Love wrecks us all, then we die.
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so much pain for someone so young x


So relatable blog :)

I want to sneak out with somebody.

I just want to get up in the middle of the night and spend some time alone with someone. We could go have a midnight snack at McDonald’s or just walk around and talk about things we normally wouldn’t. Or maybe we could go enjoy ourselves at a park and play on the swings, or we could climb a roof and just watch the stars in silence - nothing but just good vibes and good company.

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I’m so so so selfish.

I’m selfish because I want you to be happy with no one else but me; I want to be the sole reason for you waking up with a smile that you haven’t stitched on your tired old face in ages and ages. I want to be the shoulder you cry on when things become unbearably bitter, and all you need is that one friend you can look for no matter the time of the day or the months between our conversations. Me, me, me. Selfish..

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